What is the difference with the other technologies?

OligoScan has been conceived to make a precise test of the bioavailability of minerals, trace elements and heavy metals in the body’s living tissues.

The measure is made on the skin of the palm or on the drop of venous blood taken directly from the extremity of a finger (september 2013). This allows one to see what is happening directly in tissues and not in the body’s fluids which are thus much more unstable and less reliable.

Indeed, the test on the urine allows to see what the body excretes. Hair show what occurred in the body, a few weeks ago, even a few months ago mixed up to external factors. The blood shows what circulates.

The OligoScan test allows one to observe what happens in the muscle or in the venous blood, extracted from muscular tissue, therefore giving an estimate of the intra-tissular BIOAVAILABILITY.

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